Sunday, June 14, 2015

2016 Calendar Announcement

We’re very excited to announce that we’re designing a CB Weekly Planner Calendar again for 2016. The spiral bound 2015 calendar was a huge success and everyone was pleased with the quality, so we're moving forward with another one for 2016.  The planner will be a spiral-bound, weekly planner, with pictures on one page and the week in view on the facing page. We're going to add special holidays, events in the blogging world, and other pertinent information in the calendars this year.

Each blog can submit six to nine photos, which can include one of each of your cats or group pictures. If you have one or two kitties, find the best 5-6 photos and send them to us.  We will the photos in the order they are received to set up a collage of your blog for a week.  This format would allow for approximately 54 blogs.  If we still need more images, we will send out another notice.  

All photos should be “natural” photos of your kitties and not “photo shopped”.  We want this calendar to show the beauty of the CB cats in their natural environment.  The photos should be clear and focused.  The photos should be in a variety of  orientations (portrait, landscape, and square). If you would like to design your own collage and send that to us, please make sure the collage is in portrait mode and measures 8" x 10" at 300 dpi..  If you choose to design your own collage, please follow the design of the sample collage below (colored space between the photos).  Please remove any watermarks or names from the photos prior to submitting.  Your blog name and URL address will be included on the page and there will be a statement on the cover sheet that acknowledges that the photos are the property of the individuals.

Please send your photos to us by midnight, July 17, 2015 August 1, 2015.  We’d like to have the calendar completed by the end of August, so we can submit the order to the publisher. Please send pictures of your cats to us at  Make sure you include the phrase “2016 CB Calendar” in the subject line

Important Information about of what to include in the email:

  1. Send up to photos 
  2. Provide the names of the of the kitty (ies) in the photo.  Ideally, the name of the file would be the name of the cat(s).
  3. Name of blog
  4. Blog address

Here's a sample of what a page in the calendar may look like - 

If you have any questions, please contact us at our email address at