Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deadline for Photo Submissions Approaching

Don't forget to send your photo submissions for the 2014 Cats of the CB page-a-day calendar by midnight EST August 2, 2013.  We've had lot of kitties submitting their pictures and we want as many different blogs as possible to have at least one kitty represented in this calendar.

Sample page in the calendar

Just a couple of reminders about the pictures and the calendar.
  • You may submit up to 5 photos for possible inclusion in the calendar.  Please keep in mind that we are only guaranteeing one picture per blog for the calendar.
  • Photos should be listed in priority order from 1 to 5.  Listing a photo as #1 means this is the photo you definitely want included in the calendar.
  • Identification of the cat(s) in each photo is needed.
  • Include the name of your blog in the email.
  • Include your blog address in the email.
  • Send photos to by August 2, 2013.
  • Put CB Calendar in the subject line of the email.  We don't want to miss anyone!
  • Pictures should be in landscape orientation and measure 3 in. high by 4 in. wide.  If you send a picture that is in "portrait" orientation or that is a square, it will be a small picture on the calendar page.  We cannot adjust the image size on the page because it's a template provided by the print company.
  • Pictures should be clear.  Please see some helpful guidelines on Katie and Waffles' blog (and Glogirly) about how to get some good pictures of your cats.
  • If you know of a cat blogger who may not have seen the announcement through the Cat Blogosphere page or Facebook, please send them this information.  We really want as many different blogs represented as possible.

There will be information posted in a couple of weeks about the ability to purchase one of these calendars, so stay tuned . . .

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Information for Photos

Sample calendar page

We've discovered that pictures need to be in "landscape" format (from left to right-longways) in order to fit in the space provided in the template that is provided for the calendar.  Thanks to help from Chey's mom and Glogirly, we have some more specific guidelines below for photos.

Recommended dimensions:

1200 pixels wide X 900 pixels high


3" high X 4" wide at 300 dpi 


16.667" wide X 12.5" high at 72dpi

(all three of these are actually the same size)

Most photo-editing software will allow for someone to crop and size their image to the above specifications, although it's important that a photo is never sized "up" to be bigger than the original that came out of the camera. You can go smaller, you just can't go bigger. 

Remember to send your photos in priority order (1 to 5) to by August 2, 2013.  If you have more than one kitty, please feel free to have more than one kitty in the photo.  If you have a special request for a date in the calendar, be sure to note that too,. and we'll do our best to put your picture on that date.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Calendar Announcement

We’re so excited about a new project we’re developing for the kitties of the CB.  We’re ready to design a CB Calendar for 2014.  This year, we’re going to try something a little different.  We’re going to design a “page-a-day” desk calendar that allows one picture per weekday.  There is only one publisher that we can find that will do this for us, so the process will be slow and detailed, but we’re excited about the project. We've set up this blog page describing the process and to keep you up-to-date on the progress.

Each blog can submit up to five photos, one each of each of your cats (or group pictures) numbered in order of your favorite photos.  We will use everyone's first choice first in the order they are received and then go on down the line.  If we still need more images, we will send out another notice.  This is our first year, so we hope that if we repeat this process next year, we have an idea of the level of interest and participation for the calendar and can make it a onetime request!"  Important Update:  Pictures in "landscape" mode do better on the calendar than those in "portrait" mode.  The pictures are much smaller in portrait mode and may need to be cropped in order to fit.

All photos should be “natural” photos of your kitties and not “photo shopped”.  We want this calendar to show the beauty of the CB cats in their natural environment.  The photos should be clear and focused. If there is a specific day you’d like your photo to be assigned to, please indicate it beside the photo number.  We will make every effort to put your picture on the requested day, but that may not be possible if there are multiple requests for the same day.

Please send your photos to us by midnight, August 2.  We’d like to have the calendar completed by mid August, so we can get the first order to the publisher. Please send pictures of your cats to us at  Make sure you include the phrase “CB Calendar” in the subject line

Important Information about of what to include in the email:
1.       Five photos numbered in priority order with the name of the kitty in the photo
2.       Name of blog
3.       Blog address
4.       Include any requested dates for each photo

Here's a sample of what a page in the calendar may look like - 

Stay tuned for more details …