Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deadline for Photo Submissions Approaching

Don't forget to send your photo submissions for the 2014 Cats of the CB page-a-day calendar by midnight EST August 2, 2013.  We've had lot of kitties submitting their pictures and we want as many different blogs as possible to have at least one kitty represented in this calendar.

Sample page in the calendar

Just a couple of reminders about the pictures and the calendar.
  • You may submit up to 5 photos for possible inclusion in the calendar.  Please keep in mind that we are only guaranteeing one picture per blog for the calendar.
  • Photos should be listed in priority order from 1 to 5.  Listing a photo as #1 means this is the photo you definitely want included in the calendar.
  • Identification of the cat(s) in each photo is needed.
  • Include the name of your blog in the email.
  • Include your blog address in the email.
  • Send photos to by August 2, 2013.
  • Put CB Calendar in the subject line of the email.  We don't want to miss anyone!
  • Pictures should be in landscape orientation and measure 3 in. high by 4 in. wide.  If you send a picture that is in "portrait" orientation or that is a square, it will be a small picture on the calendar page.  We cannot adjust the image size on the page because it's a template provided by the print company.
  • Pictures should be clear.  Please see some helpful guidelines on Katie and Waffles' blog (and Glogirly) about how to get some good pictures of your cats.
  • If you know of a cat blogger who may not have seen the announcement through the Cat Blogosphere page or Facebook, please send them this information.  We really want as many different blogs represented as possible.

There will be information posted in a couple of weeks about the ability to purchase one of these calendars, so stay tuned . . .


  1. MOUSES! Once again... the peep strikes again. I am totally amazed that she was able to find and e-mail the pictures I wanted her to send and even more amazed that she did that part correctly... kind of... sorta. I see now though that she was supposed to include my blog address in the e-mails. Don't think she did that. Like I said... MOUSES! The blog address is Sorry 'bout that but you know... my peep is kind of stupid.


  2. shared it. So awesome that you're doing this! Can't wait to see it all finished!