Thursday, May 22, 2014

2015 Cats of the CB Calendar Announcement

We’re very excited to announce our project  for the kitties of the CB for this year.  We’re designing a CB Weekly Planner Calendar for 2015.  

We wanted to design another page-a-day calendar, but the publisher we used last year isn't doing customized calendars with photos anymore.  We thought about a wall calendar, but that would only give us 12 pages of pictures.  We think we've found a publisher that will let us design a spiral-bound, weekly planner, with pictures on one page and the week in view on the facing page. 

Each blog can submit up to eight six photos, one each of each of your cats (or group pictures).  We will the photos in the order they are received to set up a collage of your blog for a week.  This format would allow for approximately 54 blogs.  If we still need more images, we will send out another notice.  

All photos should be “natural” photos of your kitties and not “photo shopped”.  We want this calendar to show the beauty of the CB cats in their natural environment.  The photos should be clear and focused with each kitty identified.

Please send your photos to us by midnight, June 1, 2014.  We’d like to have the calendar completed by the end of June, so we can submit the order to the publisher. Please send pictures of your cats to us at  Make sure you include the phrase “2015 CB Calendar” in the subject line

Important Information about of what to include in the email:
1.       Up to 8 photos with the name of the kitty in the photo (the name doesn't have to actually be on the photo, just identified in the email by the file name.)
2.       Name of blog
3.       Blog address

Here's a sample of what a page in the calendar may look like - 


  1. can we include those kitties that have crossed the bridge? I would like to include yuki and kimiko since they have been a part of the blog also.

  2. That's fine. Each page will be dedicated to a blog, so submit pictures of any/all of your cats.

  3. Love this will be the perfect blogging planner for me :)

  4. Can I still submit pictures of GJ even though he now at the bridge

  5. Good I was wondering about OTRB kitties too. Glad that was asked. I will add Abby and Grace. Think this is a great idea and will be very useful.

  6. Mom is sending an email. We would be honored if you included us. This is a cool project.


  7. Thank you Mom Paula. Very much.

  8. Oh wow! How exciting! I'm not sure I can get any in in time, but love the planner idea. ~Rascal and Rocco


    I so will be using a paper calendar WOOOHOOO

  10. We missed the deadline... but the Mom sure wants to buy one when it am done...
    Lil Bear and Oreo.